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The JD Group is currently strategically positioned in South Africa, Botswana
and Namibia as:
– a leading diversified mass consumer financier
– a differentiated furniture, household appliance, consumer electronic goods, home entertainment, office automation and building supplies retailer
– a diveread morersified retailer of motor vehicles, vehicle servicing and parts
JD Group primarily targets the mass-middle market with a secondary focus on the entry- and top-end market segments.
The Group operates in southern Africa through six operating business divisions. These markets are served through a multi-branded channel network representing 12 retail brands, with a footprint of 1 156 retail stores in SA, 1 186 in total including other countries in southern Africa and 80 dealerships in SA only, none in other countries. 32 car rental outlets in SA, 3 in Namibia. Each retail brand is positioned to focus on a specific market segment based on brand identity, store layout, merchandise range and market profile.
Positioning of the different brands is driven by a differentiation strategy and allows customers to enter at the lower end and migrate to the upper end as their diverse needs, aspirations and requirements change over time.

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