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Global Catalogue Manager needed at NTT Ltd.

Job title : Global Catalogue Manager

Job Location : Western Cape, Cape Town

Deadline : May 19, 2024

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The Global Catalogue Manager role is responsible for the management of product/item catalogue data within NTT’s catalogue environment for use within NTT’s various quoting systems. Catalogue data is defined as data that refers to the products, software, and services that NTT offers to its clients, and includes, but is not limited to, product details, descriptions, specifications, imagery, availability and pricing information. It is a strategically important role ensuring that Products (including Software) and Services are available for both our own quoting agents to generate quotes for our customers, as well as for our digital self-service channel, Go Direct, for our customers to have access to accurate information and pricing details. It is critical that, as far as possible, catalogues have up to date SKU lists and globally/regionally/local country agreed pricing, so that there is minimal delay to quoting and the lowest amount of time possible to deliver value to NTT’s customers.
The Global Catalogue Manager serves as the primary point of contact for product/item catalogue data within our catalogue and quoting systems, working closely with the technical, and digital vendor management teams who are responsible for ensuring catalogue data is available in the quoting systems, and is seamlessly consumed from NTT’s vendors. The role will also play a key part in the operationalisation and adoption of any new catalogue management platform. The responsibilities of this role have been detailed below.

Working at NTT

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Assist in the definition and management of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for catalogue management.  This includes:
    • Definition and management of catalogue business procedures to ensure that the right content and pricing information is available in the relevant catalogues and that the visibility of this information is correctly managed.
    • Input and expertise into catalogue operational and technical procedures to ensure that the catalogues and the data is being correctly managed and maintained, including the ability to ingest catalogue data from NTT’s vendors.
    • Input and expertise into digital vendor management procedures to ensure that the data is managed and consumed from our vendors in line with the business needs.
    • Monitoring the execution of SOP’s and ensuring that they are being adhered to and followed, as well as identifying and recommending changes and improvements based on observations.
  • Manage catalogues within the platform
    • Ensure that the catalogues themselves are structured and governed at a global, regional, country, and client level.
    • Ensure that catalogues are well managed and maintained adhering to the global framework, while allowing for flexibility and managing “catalogue sprawl”.
    • Ensure that the security and rights for access to the catalogues is managed and maintained and only authorized users have access to catalogue details.
    • Ensure that the relevant items are within the catalogues and that these are maintained.
  • Validate product/item data in the catalogue platforms for all OEMs and Vendor
    • Validate that populated data is complete and accurate.
    • Ensure continued functionality of Quoting system in terms of product categorization, Country availability and other critical attributes.
    • Collaborate with relevant stakeholders globally to identify new product/item additions, updates, and removals.
    • Collaborate with relevant stakeholders and the Digital Vendor Management team to ensure that the right data attributes (e.g. EoX, Pricing, Categorisation, etc.) are available within the catalogues.
    • Ensure that catalogue data is up to date, accurate, and relevant to NTT’s business needs.
  • Facilitate on-going management of product/item data in the catalogue platform.
    • Monitor data quality and troubleshoot data quality issues.
    • Add, delete, edit data when changes are needed as per the defined SOP’s.
    • Work with product/item vendors and data consumers internally in support of data governance SOP’s.
    • Ensure that catalogue item pricing is accurate and reflects any agreed structures with the vendors.
  • Support data exchange across all applicable supply chain levels globally
    • Collaborate across teams, organizational units, and external stakeholder groups.
    • Facilitate and monitor product/item data flow between vendors, the catalogue platform, and the quoting systems.  Ensure that this data flows correctly through the integration layer.
    • Escalate data exchange and integration issues as necessary.
    • Communicate any technical issues to relevant team.
  • Manage enhanced content with 3rd party supplier(s)
    • Manage the availability of items in Go Direct.
    • Ensure all items available in Go Direct have enriched data available (e.g. images, detailed descriptions, etc.).
    • Liaise with the Digital Vendor Management team to ensure missing content is provided.
  • Strategic activity
    • Provide strategic support regarding adoption of the catalogue platform.
    • Input into wider material master discussions around Group MDM strategy ensuring a joined-up approach between sell side catalogue data, buy side catalogue data, and wider material master details in.
    • Drive understanding and value of catalogues within NTT and align on key differences between catalogue data and master data, as well as price lists versus catalogues.
  • Conduct data quality assessments and adjustments



  • Experience in managing product and service data for a global organization – advantageous to have done so in technology/network/telecoms sectors.
  • Experience of managing product and service data for multi-channel use, such as eCommerce, quoting and analytics.
  • Experience in working with a multi-national team.
  • Comfort in navigating product information management (PIM) information technology solutions.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, concisely and with confidence in all mediums.
  • Ability to define and manage processes and procedures.


  • Degree in data engineering, data management, informatics, or equivalent.
  • Experience with and exposure to BPMN, Six Sigma, Integrations, and SLA Management.
  • Data management or data governance experience and certifications.
  • Experience leading a team of high performing individuals.

Skills Summary

Data Warehousing (DW), Integration Development, Process Mapping, Project Integration, Structured Query Language (SQL), Systems Integration, Use Case Development, Workflow Design

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