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Material Handler – Packaging Supplier/Filler/Forklift Driver needed at Diversey

Job title : Material Handler – Packaging Supplier/Filler/Forklift Driver

Job Location : Gauteng, Johannesburg

Deadline : May 22, 2024

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Packaging :

  • Ensures minimum packout consumable quantities at all times in all areas (i.e. machine tapes, hand tapes, plastic wrap, stickers should not conjest packaging areas. Old material should be removed immediately)
  • Ensures product is in good quality manner prior to handing over to the warehouse
  • Ensures that plastic is changed when necessary
  • Checks and ensures that batch number, month and pallet stickers are affixed on all boxes and drums, and pallet is neatly wrap. Only when all packing complies can the product be dispatched for warehouse.
  • Log production packed and moved, in numerical order on the packout logsheet. All product will be correctly recorded, including off spec products.
  • Takes a reasonable packout GP sample every hourly to the lab for analysis
  • Moves full pallets to allocated area according to shifts allocation. Ensures that pallets in shift allocation areas are stacked according the correct height and good housekeeping practices
  • Ensures that pallets are stacked at all times for the robot and empties pallet bays
  • Completes the forklift inspection logsheet and report deviations if any at the beginning of each shift.
  • When required and where applicable, repetitively lifts weights physically (changing, weighing, decanting and packaging)
  • Assist robot operator manually lift boxes or drums when robot is not working
  • Performs any duties at drums pack out section as assigned by the robot operator
  • Takes off-spec product to the rework storage area, ensuring that it is correctly marked, and stored in accordance with good housekeeping practices
  • Do packout walking tours and report and address deviations at the beginning of each shift.
  • Spot checks weights at regular intervals on manual scale, completes weight monitoring logsheet and call maintenance to address deviations if any identified
  • Check bottle-feeder and bottle unscrambler to ensure smooth operation of bottle feeding to carousel machine rejects any deviations in product quality and reports to robot operator
  • Rejects any deviations in weights and packaging materials quality defects
  • Checks if video jets are working, printing the correct batch numbers and reports any deviations to instrumentation
  • Manual capping of bottles / filled containers
  • Cleaning of spilled product on carousel table and reporting the origin of such spillages immediately to supervisor
  • Performs any process related tasks to minimize process delays
  • Performs any duties at 8/10 kg bucket and 15/25/50 kg filling stations
  • Does trouble shooting around all filling stations and reports to robot operator
  • Ensures that production plan is adhered to
  • During shutdowns, work as per instruction from plant foreman, production manager or designate

Operating machinery :

  • Operates the shrink wrapping machine to plastic wrap pallets coming off the robot operating procedure (SOPs)
  • Operates the shrink wrapping machine to plastic wrap pallets coming  off the robot
  • Operates Filling Machines
  • Re-gas forklift when necessary
  • Responsible Care

Ensuring that the EHS and Quality standards are strictly maintained

  • Actively participate in constantly improving Plant and individual safety and housekeeping by engaging in cleaning up work area and spillages, get and put away tools, supplies and equipment.  This also entails the use of protective equipment as required and proper cleanup when done
  • Comply to all safety rules and safe-job practices
  • Report all accidents/incidents/injuries immediately to his/her supervisor, no matter how small
  • Attend and participate in safety EH&S meetings
  • Report all unsafe conditions to his/her supervisor
  • Keep his / her work area clean and neat (Maintain good housekeeping standards)

Ad-hoc duties

  • During shutdowns, work as per instruction from plant foreman, production manager or designate

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