Specialist: Generator Management needed at City Property Administration Ltd

Job title : Specialist: Generator Management

Job Location : Gauteng, Pretoria

Deadline : May 02, 2024

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Job Purpose: 

  • Responsible for the maintenance, and repairs of generators. Ensure generator performance optimization. Prevent, monitor, and respond to diesel theft incidents. Responsible for assisting with the procurement and installation of generators. 

Installation & Maintenance

  • Conduct comprehensive inspections of generators to identify and address potential issues before they become critical and to extend the lifespan of generators.
  • Troubleshoot and diagnose problematic generators by finding root causes and implementing effective solutions.
  • Ensure the correct installation of new generators.
  • Check and evaluate existing generator installations and advise on remedial work required to ensure correct/compliant installations.
  • Ensure emergency repairs are attended to when necessary to minimize operational interruptions.
  • Use data driven insights to identify trends, inefficiencies, or areas for improvements, and to make recommendations accordingly.
  • Regularly review maintenance records to refine maintenance strategies based on past performances.
  • Assist with development and implementation of preventative maintenance strategies, and inspection schedule for routine and preventative maintenance.
  • Assist with the development and implementation of emergency response plans to ensure swift and effective responses during emergency situations.
  • Stay abreast of emerging technologies and methodologies and make innovative suggestions that will reduce diesel consumption and prevent theft.
  • Propose and implement upgrades and modifications to enhance generator capabilities.
  • Source, acquire, and hire emergency generator units including temporary connection and commissioning.

Theft Prevention

  • Implement and monitor controls put in place for diesel dispensing, access restrictions and monitoring mechanisms.
  • Establish a KPI to monitor diesel consumption patterns and to identify anomalies that may indicate potential theft.
  • Analyse diesel usage patterns over time and establish measures to identify irregularities that may indicate theft or misuse.
  • Ensure accuracy in tracking and maintaining diesel inventory to minimize discrepancies and unauthorized usage.
  • Measure the effectiveness of current of future security systems in place to prevent unauthorised access to the generator, batteries and diesel storage areas and make appropriate recommendations.
  • Measure the time it takes to respond to any suspected or reported diesel theft incidents, aiming for swift and efficient responses.
  • Communicate with and train security personnel involved in site protection, diesel and battery theft prevention.
  • Regularly collect and analyze diesel samples during deliveries to ensure that diesel meets specified quality standards to ensure improved performance and longevity of the generators and batteries.
  • Implement measures to prevent discrepancies in delivered quantities, ensuring generators receive the required diesel volume.
  • Communicate any concerns regarding diesel delivery and quality to the department manager.
  • Ensure proper documentation accompanies each diesel delivery.

Health & Safety

  • Stay updated on industry standards and safety protocols. (SANS 10142-12003)
  • Ensure compliance with safety regulations and standards. (SANS 10142-12003)
  • Monitor changes in regulations and update procedures accordingly.
  • Communicating any generator related health and safety concerns to the SHEQ Manager.

Communication, Collaboration & Customer Service

  • Collaborate with Electrical Engineer to specify and procure generators to improve generator reliability and efficiency.
  • Build and maintain relationships with service providers through regular engagement.
  • Seek and provide regular feedback from and to relevant stakeholders to enhance customer service experience.
  • Communicate with Analyst: Generator Recoveries to discuss trends and concerns derived from data analyses.


  • Schedule and execute schedules for routine and preventative maintenance of generators.
  • Ensure accurate and complete record keeping of maintenance inspections and maintenance performed.
  • Draft Service Level Agreements and ensure adherence thereto.
  • Coordinate maintenance activities to minimize downtime and ensure generators operate at peak efficiency.
  • Create and maintain documentation outlining generator specifications, maintenance procedures and generator performance records.
  • Ensure that documentation is easily accessible to the team, contributing to knowledge sharing and compliance.
  • Oversee the inventory of generator parts and ensure adequate stock for maintenance and repairs.
  • Draft, maintain, and update detailed asset register.

Working conditions:

  • Regular traveling required. Working in varied conditions.  Lifting and moving of equipment may be required.

Qualifications & Experience:

  • Matric certificate – Required.
  • At least 8 years’ experience as a generator specialist/technician – Required.
  • Related qualification (e.g. diesel mechanical) – Required.
  • Electrical qualification – Preferred
  • Administrative experience – MS Office – Required

Skills & Knowledge Required:

  • In-depth knowledge of diesel engines and electricity alternators.
  • Advanced troubleshooting skills to diagnose and resolve complex generator related issues.
  • Utilisation of data for predictive maintenance, performance optimization and decision making.
  • Advanced knowledge of various types of generators, alternators, their components, and operational principles.
  • Knowledge of basic project management principles.
  • Awareness of emerging generator related technology and methodology.
  • Strong knowledge of generator safety protocols, installation requirements and guidelines. (SANS 10142-12003 and ISO 8528)
  • Developing and execution of solutions for critical generator concerns.

Personal Attributes:

  • Problem solving – find solutions when emotions are involved.
  • Stress tolerance – coping with stressful situations.
  • Interpersonal relationships – building mutually satisfying relationships.
  • Independence – be self-directed and free from emotional dependency.
  • Leadership – willingness to lead, take charge of situations, offer opinions and directions to others.
  • Social confidence – be self-assured and at ease with people in all types of social situations.
  • Multitasking – dealing with several activities at a time, enjoying being given new tasks before they have finished another.
  • Teamwork – cooperation with others, good-natured attitude and encouraging people.
  • Persistence – sticking with tasks, not giving up, dislike leaving things unfinished.
  • Rule following – adhere to rules and strictly follow work regulations.
  • Attention to detail – focus on details, strive for perfection and be well organized.
  • Planning – enjoy making detailed plans and long-terms plans.
  • Innovation – creative and open-mindedness.
  • Analytical thinking – like solving complex problems, carefully analyze information and use logic to address issues and problems.

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