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Job title : Specialist – Network Sub-systems.Technology Information

Job Location : Gauteng, Johannesburg

Deadline : July 14, 2024

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Primary Job Purpose:  

  • To ensure that the data and switching requirements as per business requirements are fulfilled.
  • Responsible for operational planning, implementation, support and maintenance of HLR / MGW/MSS/MSC/GMSC/STP/SS7/IVR/I-GATE/SRS Hub/GPRS/SGSN
  • To initiate actions to optimise the network (continuous improvement). 
  • To ensure that the operational structure on AXE systems is optimally integrated into network operations (best practice).
  • Maintaining 100% availability of the GSM network 2G & 3G & 3.1 MSS at all times.
  • Creation and implementation of database for National and International roaming (Both Postpaid and Prepaid).



  • All operational aspects of the current GSM telecom technologies as used in the current MTN network architecture, this includes future technological advances in the mobile arena as well the convergence of technologies in the data, internet, e-commerce and voice arena, VoIp, self provisioning, ip etc.
  • ISUP carriers locally (Telkom, Sentech and Neotel) and internationally (Veraz and Belgacom) and with SCCP carriers globally (T-Com and Belgacom); across internal MTN departments (DCG, Network Testing, Network Performance) and divisions (IS, Billing), industry for a (GSM Association – Africa Interest group)
  • The Network Operations Division shall ensure world class quality and availability of the Network and services for MTN customers at all times in a cost-effective manner.
  • High Tech, flexibility, knowledge sharing. 
  • Commitment to MTN values.
  • Key Performance Areas: Core, essential responsibilities / outputs of the position (KPA’s)

Key Tasks: 

  • Network Implementation – Prepare DT “Data Transcripts” for all AXE elements” HLR/STP/MSC/GMSC/BSC/RBSC/MSS/MGW/3G /I-GATE/SRS Hub/GPRS/SGSN as and when required aaccording to project plan. (Include B-number tables/Link requirements/interconnect requirements/software levels/Point Code allocation etc).Load and test DT. Complete Full integration testing on new nodes this include – H-module testing /Billing verification/ SMS / PP / Voice / Data testing. Integrate the operational requirements for new technologies and services that will be supported by Network Operations and as per Marketing Requirements. National and international data changes- RSA Network and Africa. CP & APG slides – testing and integration. IR21 changes for signalling, NDC’s and numbering plan changes
  • 3rd Party Implementation – Implement/test and maintain routing to third parties i.e. VC/CELLC/IVR/SENTEC/TELKOM/Call Centers/Vans/Premium Rated/Banks/BRS –Marketing Requirements etc. Ensure that all technical requirements are met to introduce roaming with new Roaming Partners.
  • Expansions – Ensure that hardware capacity exists for future projects and expansion. National switching equipment remodelling/redefinition. Ensure that switch capacities are monitored and expansion of links and C7s / AXE equipment / Processor Upgrades is put in place and executed. Liase with System Planning regarding HW requirements. Specify, source and deploy O&M tools/systems to ensure optimal functioning of the international roaming services.
  • Support – Implement new software / ACA levels as and when released by E///.Assist with the operational and integration of new MTN networks   internationally. Assist Regional maintenance, SMC, VAS, Pre-Paid, CS, System Planning, Network Testing  and Ericsson support staff where required. Ensure accurate completion of all CSR’s.Assist in the development of an automated and effective environment. Be a subject matter expert on International Roaming issues by studying global trends and networking with other professionals in this field, and by providing documented recommendations to various MTN departments. Do fault finding and trouble shooting by confirming data integrity on SGSN’s, BGP’s and GPRSDNS. Escalate unresolved faults to 3rd tier, foreign operators, GRX Carrier, etc.
  • Routing – Implement and standardized B-number analysis table. This includes Pre-analysis, the allocation of BNT values, the routing, the allocation of special numbers, Global title routing, NDC. Maintaining core routing. Implement IMSINS analysis on SGSN’s for new Roaming Partners. Implement new ASN’s on the Border Gateway/s for new Roaming Partners.
  • Workflow – Timorously and accurately log, update & clear events in the DCG Workflow and the Remedy Database. Documentation of methodologies, plans, policies and procedures.
  • Engineer / Team Leadership / Project Tasks
  • Engineer and or Team Lead day to day activities within assigned reference as per DCG Workflow on REMEDY 
  • Effectively plan the short to medium rollout of projects, hardware, software and new technologies into the core network and ensure that this adheres to timescales. 
  • Attend meetings. 
  • Engineer best practice with regards to MTN business.

Role Dependencies:  

  • Changes on the network may result in network outage or call difficulty 
  • Optimize and refine testing services on the DCG and or F.A.C.T.S tool.
  • Generating test cases and track trends on the DCG and or F.A.C.T.S tool in order to identify problem areas.
  • Generate reports updates on projects
  • Lateral Dimensions: These indicate the areas where the individuals could contribute uniquely in addition to the indicated duties, as Well as how they could be affected by others or circumstances not necessarily under their control.
  • Creativities (improvement/innovation inherent)  
  • Continuous improvement and optimisation of National Network Data, process and technical
  • Ability to make task easier and accurate
  • Improvements to meet operational requirements
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Problem solving and lateral thinking

Vulnerabilities (control span) 

  • AXE “Equipment” downtime
  • Short deadlines in implementing change
  • Changes in Equipment types
  • MTN Network Expansion
  • New Technologies
  • Support of tools and systems
  • Transmission availability, 
  • Switching equipment / Network  availability

Collaboration:  Refers to formal and informal relationships
Responsibility towards:

  • Direct reports, DCG/NSS Manager, timorous outputs to meet network requirements
  • Matrix reports, CNS Manger
  • Key customers, Marketing/CS/System Planning / VMS / Pre Paid / TXIP / SMC / CNOC / Network Testing 
  • Key suppliers, Ericsson and Huawei 
  • Relations, etc. Friendly, professional and helpful

Independent thought and Judgment:                                     

  • Independent thought and Judgment: 
  • Technical viability of implementing external requests.
  • Decision making and ownership of problems
  • Escalation, technical liaison


  • Complete technical documentation 
  • National and International – data changes. 
  • National and International Switching equipment remodelling/redefinition
  • Increase spectrum when as required on 2G & 3G & 3.1 MSS & M2S
  • Allow or disallow changes on the SS network.


  • Minimum Requirements – minimum necessary, and not the ideal / preferred should be included.


  • Minimum of 3 year Engineering degree/diploma  
  • Fluent in English 


  • Minimum of 3 years’ technical management role within a GSM telecommunications environment
  • Experience working in a medium  organization


  • Equipment specific training, essential and people skills 
  • SS7 signalling, switching systems, CAMEL, GPRS.


  • Head – Big Picture Focus (10)
  • Analytical Thinker –   Manages the alignment and execution of tactical activities
  • Problem Solver  –  Assists in solving business challenges but looks to others for advice and guidance
  • Operational Value Creator –  Executes on innovative commercial practices and identifies areas for continuous improvement
  • Heart – Emotionally Intelligent (20)
  • Culture and Change Champion –  Role models ethical practices by living the MTN values and vital behaviours for others to follow
  • Supportive People Manager – Is self-aware and supports team capability development through opportunity creation for realising potential
  • Relationship Manager  –  Builds relationships with customers and teams to uphold the MTN brand
  • Hands – Results Focused (50)
  • Results Achiever  –  Drives team objectives and contributes to sustainability of results
  • Operationally Astute –  Clarifies priorities, plans, organizes and co-ordinates the work of others  

Skills / physical competencies:

  • MTN vocabulary
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Knowledge of department values, policies and procedures
  • Problem solving
  • Stress management
  • Time management
  • Adaptability
  • Relationship management
  • Network architecture
  • GSM protocols
  • GSM call routing principles/flow
  • Ericsson Equipment

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