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Job title : Supervisor – Assurance.Technology Information

Job Location : Gauteng,

Deadline : July 14, 2024

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  • To ensure effective specialised service delivery and resource utilisation in the Enterprise Operations Centre and to ensure efficient logging, high level analysis and resolution of complaints and problems related to the Enterprise Operations Centre

Key Performance Areas:

Input into Operational Planning

  • Input into the long-term plan (1-2 years) for the Enterprise Operations Contact Centre
  • Research and consider best practice, local conditions, trends, as well as competitor activity
  • Contribute towards continuous improvement and innovation at process and procedure level 
  • Input into identifying ways to fine tune systems in line with changing work practices
  • Recommend ways to exploit new opportunities to grow the business further
  • Assist in identifying innovative ways to use minimum resources to achieve maximum outputs
  • Plan for resources against shrinkage
  • Plan for staff training and development
  • Planning of contact centre activities

Operational Coordination

  • Ensure that MTN Business Contact Centre benchmarks are attained as defined by the Manager
  • Supervise Contact Centre Agents to effectively and promptly react to all queries i.e. WDP, WASP, Service Provider and Customer    queries
  • Ensure First Call Resolution as far as possible
  • Ensure that the correct actions and escalation procedures are properly adhered to and followed closely 
  • Handle escalated queries from the contact centre agents and from clients wanting to speak to management 
  • Handle all escalated billing queries from Service Providers
  • Provide on-the-job training and guidance to Contact Centre Agents 
  • Assist staff in the diagnosis of difficult Incidents/tickets. 
  • Provide ideas and feedback on software tools, procedures and improvements in MTN Business Contact Centre functionality 
  • Develop technically and personally through attendance of technical and managerial courses
  • Promote a service oriented work environment
  • Perform quality checks and monitor calls on an ad hoc basis
  • Provide second tier support and third party support
  • Directly supervise and co-ordinate day to day technical operational activities in the ISP area
  • Ensure that all SLA’s with internal and external suppliers are adhered to
  • Ensure that standard letters and scripts are in place and are used effectively
  • Monitor telephonic service levels and take action as required
  • Evaluate situations and determine the best methods to reach defined outcomes
  • Coordinate teamwork and gather people around understanding of and achievement of objectives
  • Share experiences, knowledge and understanding of purpose
  • Determine who needs to do what, when, where, how and why
  • Provide reporting and statistical analysis to management for decision making around staffing, training, agent performance, etc
  • Establish the most efficient use of resources, i.e. cost, people, time, etc
  • Put effective methods and standards in place
  • Gather information and research to ensure delivery of results
  • Identify trends and implement corrective measures
  • Perform daily controls related to performance, productivity, risk, etc.
  • Ensure that equipment and infrastructure is in working order and maintained

Problem Identification and Resolution 

  • Address problems on a case by case basis, ensuring an optimal balance between the response to the situation, the cost of that    response, and the core purpose of the       organisation 
  • Deal with problem situations that arise timeously and efficiently
  • Follow clear and linear procedures to diagnose and solve problems that are not always obvious 
  • Sort, accumulate and analyse information about a particular situation or problem to assist with problem solving
  • Provide information and knowledge as required to resolve problems
  • Generate different options for the known problem, evaluate possible methods to resolve the problem, and select the most    appropriate solution in terms of enhanced       effectiveness and efficiency, and reduced cost
  • Tailor solutions to suit the problem (within defined parameters)
  • Take action to prevent the reoccurrence of problems
  • Make use of available resources to solve the problem
  • Identify external parties to assist with problem solving as required
  • Coordinate across technical departments to assist with network coverage and quality complaints

Process and Procedure Effectiveness

  • Assist with defining and monitoring the execution of processes and procedures for the MTN Business Contact Centre
  • Ensure that all processes and procedures implemented are aligned to the set operational framework for the unit
  • Ensure that workflow continues without interruption 
  • Continually improve existing processes and procedures to enhance effectiveness, efficiency and performance

Project Management (ad Hoc)

  • Provide frameworks for projects and tasks
  • Define and assign work to be done
  • Control, manage and monitor all logistics
  • Plan the implementation of the chosen action in terms of activities, resources, timelines, follow-up dates, etc
  • Plan the monitoring of the effective solution

Budget and Cost Control

  • Input into the forecasting, planning, development and review of the budget for the MTN Business Contact Centre that provides MTN    with return on investment
  • Control costs through the choice of lower cost options and more effective processes and procedures
  • Plan budget spending according to situation and standards
  • Ensure spending remains within budget limits
  • Identify areas where money is lost and seek ways to reduce expenditure where possible
  • Identify opportunities to make money
  • Ensure efficient use of financial resources
  • Report on achievement of monthly targets
  • Find ways to minimise bad debt
  • Work within annual budget constraints

Customer Service

  • Understand customer needs and input into the development and fine-tuning of systems accordingly
  • Contribute towards initiating change to continually improve all aspects of service delivery
  • Assist in identifying trends  and patterns pertaining to customer requests and needs to continually improve all aspects of service    delivery 
  • Ensure all customer queries are attended to and resolved within agreed SLA’s 
  • Ensure that customer specifications are met and that the customer is satisfied with the service 
  • Weigh up the pro’s and con’s of each solution to provide the best service to customers 
  • Consider the implications of actions to be taken for the customer and the effect of actions on the customer 
  • Provide advice on the best approach to reach the best results 
  • Ensure the delivery of  first time right service excellence


  • Identify and prepare relevant information and data for reporting purposes
  • Prepare daily, weekly and monthly management reports
  • Make assessments of and draw solutions from qualitative data.
  • Make logical deductions and draw conclusions that can be motivated
  • Submit reports on ISP/Mobile quality and staff performance, when required

Quality Management

  • Input into the development of systems and processes to continuously identify quality constraints and improve on re-occurring    problems
  • Input into the establishment of systems and sound practices in order to comply with best practices, legislation or other    regulations and guidelines
  • Establish and maintain quality standards that will enhance the customer experience and cost efficiency
  • Work consistently according to standard operating procedures 
  • Understand the quality standards of the job and the reason for these standards, and communicate these reasons to others 
  • Understand and communicate the consequences of not maintaining quality focus 
  • Identify processes and procedures where the quality of work may be improved 
  • Analyse situations and take necessary action to ensure quality is maintained   
  • Seek feedback from clients and other stakeholders and continuously seeks ways of improving on quality and customer service    standards

Service enhancement

  • Put feedback systems in place to improve and adapt services to changing demands
  • Recommend changes to services based on the analysis of the trends and patterns identified in the real-time operational performance    data
  • Get first-hand customer information and use it for improvements in customer services and support


  • Minimum of 3 year degree/diploma in Technical /IT Technical


  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in a area of specialisation; with experience in supervising others
  • Experience working in a medium organization
  • At least 3 years technical/IT customer services experience in the telecoms industry
  • At least 3 years of leadership experience in similar positions, in fast-moving industries

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