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Rand Water previously known as the Rand Water Board is a South African water utility that supplies potable water to the Gauteng province and other areas of the country and is the largest water utility in Africa. The water is drawn from numerous sources and is purified and supplied to industry, mininread moreg and local municipalities and is also involved in sanitation of waste water.
After the peace agreement between the British Government and the Boer Republics on 31 May 1902, the British, who gained control of Johannesburg realised that it was imperative to investigate the water supply and sanitation services.
On 8 May 1903 The Rand Water Board was officially established by the Rand Water Board Incorporation Ordinance No. 32 of May 1903 to supply water to the entire area.
The Rand Water Board was to include members of the Johannesburg Town Council, The Chamber of Mines, and other existing local authorities in the Witwatersrand.
In 1904 Rand Water was required to take over the undertakings of the companies at that time supplying or potentially capable of supplying water to the Witwatersrand.
Rand Water was to supply water in bulk only.
Water Supply 1905
It was only in 1905 that Rand Water commenced with full operations.
By 1906 the annual daily consumption of water supplied by Rand Water was about 11 Ml/d and it has been growing ever since.
In fact Rand Water’s major challenge to date has been to augment its water sources to meet the growing demand.