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Teraco is the first provider of resilient, vendor neutral data environments in South Africa. Clients benefit from the cost savings and improved resilience of securely housing their information systems and networking equipment in a colocation facility purpose-built and operated to global best practicread moree by an expert organisation with an absolute focus on data centre technology and infrastructure. Founded in 2008, Teraco Data Environments has brought international best practice in vendor neutral data centre management to South Africa to give businesses a technically superior, physically safer and lower cost environment for their information systems. Teraco operates facilities in Rondebosch – Cape Town (CT1), Riverhorse Valley – Durban (DB1) and Isando – Johannesburg (JB1) . Teraco data centres are located on the fibre rings of the major licensed carriers in South Africa, including Telkom, Neotel, Broadband Infraco and Dark Fibre Africa all of which have fibre nodes within the facilities.