Head of Content needed at Rhino Africa

Job title : Head of Content

Job Location : Western Cape, Cape Town

Deadline : May 23, 2024

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We want YOU 

We’re looking for an experienced and dynamic Head of Content to join our Marketing Team.

As the Head of Content you will be driving our business objectives by managing and leading the content team at Rhino Africa. The role will focus on overall strategy, content creation and content management for Rhino Africa and its associated brands. Your ability to build captivating and performance-driven campaigns will be key in creating innovative content within the luxury African travel industry.  A strong understanding of brand presence, digital performance marketing and client user experience, all play a role in achieving our organisational goals.

Your multifaceted expertise in content strategy, content creation, content management and team management is critical to managing our client experience as well as driving business success. By ensuring that our content aligns with the company’s goals, you play a pivotal role in inspiring clients to travel with Rhino Africa. Your contributions across these key performance areas and reporting requirements will be vital in achieving our organisational goals and further establishing our tour operator business as a leader in the industry. 

As the Head of Content, your responsibilities will include, but will not be limited to: 

  • Planning and executing an effective and informed content marketing strategy;
  • Planning all future content campaigns, based on current research, accurate trend analysis and innovative ideas;
  • Adaptation, optimisation and implementation of content across multiple applications in the digital landscape both future and present to serve business and strategic objectives;
  • Ongoing research and competitor analysis to form a holistic content marketing strategy;
  • Creating unique English content which is both brand-appropriate and innovative for multiple platforms, applications and mediums;
  • Improving the appeal of our English content through market and trend analysis;
  • Implementing our SEO strategy and best practices in all written content throughout all languages on Rhino Africa and other affiliate websites
  • Editing and signing off on all content;
  • Management and coordination of content creation in our foreign languages which follows specific strategic intentions;
  • Content creation responsibilities also extend to new content and translations required for our websites, Kaptio and content management systems;
  • Overseeing, managing and updating all written content for Rhino Africa and all affiliate brands;
  • Managing content production for the Rhino Africa Blog and all other content management platforms, across all five languages (English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese);
  • Ensuring the adherence to all brand requirements and representations for Rhino Africa and all affiliate brands;
  • Management of team members in various roles and responsibilities across the Marketing team. Creating and cultivating a culture of growth, development and passion throughout the team which contributes to overall organisational culture;
  • Onboarding and training of all new Marketing team members on all content platforms and management systems within the Marketing Ecosystem;
  • Training (copywriting, tone of voice etc) of all individuals who are involved in copywriting for Rhino Africa (including all freelancers, and foreign languages)


  • Based in Cape Town;
  • A Bachelor’s degree (in journalism/language/literature/communications or similar);
  • 5+ years of work experience in content production;
  • 5+ years experience in managing a team;
  • Excellent copywriting, editing and team management skills;
  • The ability to maintain a high level of productivity under pressure and to work around tight deadlines;
  • Strong organisational, problem solving and time management skills;
  • An extremely good eye with a knack for attention to detail.

Not essential but advantageous:

  • Passion for knowledge of Africa and African travel is advantageous;
  • Speak German, French, Spanish or Portuguese. 

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